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Research Areas

The College of Engineering aims to cultivate engineering talents with advanced engineering science and technology theory and practical ability, as well as humanistic qualities, so that students can have engineering analysis and technical capabilities for international competition, as well as effective communication and teamwork capabilities. The College of Engineering has a close relationship with the ocean in terms of faculty appointments, research projects, undertaking of industry-university cooperation, and curriculum design. In addition, the relevant research centers or experimental halls of the college, such as the Ocean Energy and Policy Research Center, the Marine Engineering Comprehensive Laboratory, the Offshore Disaster Prevention Technology Research Center, the Underwater Noise and Fluid Power Research Center, the Vibration and Noise Engineering Research Center, etc. All research projects have marine characteristics. In terms of curriculum design, the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering is based on the five fields of solid mechanics and materials, heat flow, electromechanical control, mechanical design and manufacturing, and microsystems. It integrates information, electronics, medical engineering, materials, optics, shipbuilding, quantum physics, and oceanography across fields. Engineering and other science and technology; the Department of Systems Engineering and Naval Architecture is based on shipbuilding engineering, linking the main media of related structure, flow, electromechanical and management fields, and constructing a complete knowledge system through "system thinking" and "system approach". The teaching of the Department of Harbor and River Engineering aims to cultivate professional engineering talents with both basic knowledge and professional abilities in civil, water conservancy and ocean engineering, and both theory and practice; The Doctoral Degree Program as well as The Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Engineering and Technology with ocean engineering technology In order to develop the main axis, in addition to specializing in marine energy and offshore wind power and marine engineering technology, it also stores underwater technology and coastal, harbor and other projects.